I try to make myself not care
but at night you are still there.
You might be a chapter in my life
but you’re still the star of my dreams.

I see the ones I love suck up.
I see the boundaries of politeness.
I see my fist getting clenched as i aim for my bed,
and I spend the night beating the shit out of my mattress.

My brain, would never let me forget you.
it’s not like you’re lingering,
it’s more like your haunting.



The 31 Days of Horror Music in Gaming - Day 30

I had a tough time deciding on which track to use from OFF.  Tender Sugar is dark, mysterious, and foreboding… while Endless Hallway is tense and discomforting.  Not Safe, on the other hand… is creepy.  Creepy, desolate, and lonely.

It plays in several areas throughout the game, but I found it most fitting while backtracking through the areas that had been ‘purified.’  All the color is gone, nobody is walking around, and this song plays.  You can encounter enemies while in the purified zones, but they’re grotesque looking humans… and this song continues to play.  You don’t get any special battle music.

The continuous two-note drone fades in and out, like chimes banging together in a light breeze.  A loud knock rings out and a muffled cry can be heard, answered by a dark wave of unsettling whispers.  The knocking continues.  At this point, do we really want to know who’s knocking?